GOZAL INCORPORATED Borderless Logistics

Experience a new era of logistics. With us, there are no limits – just endless possibilities.

About Us

We use the latest technology and an extensive network to break down old walls in shipping and delivery. With a solid decade in business, we’ve proven that no destination is out of reach for us!

To our drivers, we provide reliable and known routes, support that never sleeps, and respect for your hard work. You’re behind every success of ours, and we know how to appreciate and reward your efforts.

We are here to be your bridge – the one that links different places, people, and businesses across the map. That’s our promise: to connect the world, turning distance into convenience.

What Drives Us

We want you to see the heart behind our work. Our values are what make us go the extra mile for everyone we connect with.


We're proud to say we had zero driver fatalities in the last 24 months. Our 24/7 support is always there to help drivers. Regarding the type of cargo you haul, you'll be provided with the right vehicle (dry van, reefer, tanker, or else) to ensure you're properly equipped for the journey.


Efficiency means everything to us. For our drivers, it's about making their jobs easier with smart route planning and quick help whenever needed. And when drivers are happy, customers are happy, too!


We're here to talk, share tips and experiences, and help each other. Our customer service and delivery teams work closely to ensure every package arrives on time. We also ask for feedback from both drivers and customers to enhance everyone's experience.


Every minute of your time and every ounce of your hard-earned cargo counts. We respect our drivers by offering fair schedules and great pay, while our customers know we will always listen to their needs.

What We Offer

If you’re a driver, we understand the importance of having a job that offers you stability. If you’re a customer – we know finding a trustworthy logistics partner can make all the difference. Our services are all about providing support, whether you’re behind the wheel or waiting for a delivery.

Shipping Solutions

We plan the best routes to avoid delays. Then, we use the latest GPS tech to track every package every step of the way. Plus, our team checks the weather and road conditions, so we’re always ready for what’s ahead. We train our drivers really well, so they know exactly what to do. With over 80 trucks and more than 140 dry vans, you can count on us to deliver – no matter what.

Opportunities for Drivers

We offer different paths to suit your career goals, whether you’re interested in being a lease operator, a company driver, or an owner-operator. Each option comes with its own set of benefits designed to make your journey with us rewarding. Join Gozal Inc. and grow your driving career with us!

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